Founded in 2011, Civilian Military Combine (CMC) is the ultimate in hybrid obstacle course racing and fitness events. It is specifically designed to put endurance and strength athletes on equal footing!  Unlike any other mud run, obstacle race, or adventure race available to the public, CMC IS THE ONLY OBSTACLE COURSE RACE THAT FEATURES THE PIT™, the inspirational start of the race and 5 minute adrenaline pumping strength element. The PIT™ transitions into an exhilarating 5+ mile obstacle course race incorporating unique, military grade obstacles in each event. The race is release controlled so there is no waiting on lines for obstacles!

This unique structure is what separates the CMC from all other races and competitions, carefully created, refined and reviewed by the top strength and conditioning coaches from the CrossFit community, United States Armed Forces and The Obstacle Course World Championship Race Director.

CMC offers varying degrees of course difficulty, for all levels of athletes  so participants can feel free to challenge themselves at their own pace and maximize their fun. CMC promotes athleticism, patriotism and community.